Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve 2009! We have spread a picnic on the living room floor in front of a blazing fire and Liz, Tucker, Rollin and Fynneus have joined us for the end of year celebration. The boys are still sorting through their christmas gifts that were left here, and nibbling on animal crackers. Soft music is playing in the background, and my only thought is: Life is So Good! Right here - right now!

My wish for 2010 is that I will continue my Journey of growth, expansion and alignment. Always remembering to look for Joy in every moment of every day.

My wish for the world is Peace, Love and Happiness to everyone and Joy in every moment.

Here's to the Journey!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The tree came down today, and now we are sorting through all the boxes and the ornaments. All the gifts have been put away, and I watch the year come to a close. And I have much to be grateful for.

Today Liz dropped by with the boys. They were here for only 45 minutes, but it was like a breath of fresh air to have them visit. The energy and vitality they bring to a room, and to our lives is absolutely amazing. I quickly fed them, and corralled them out the door for Tucker's class tonight amid hugs and kisses and thanks. I am the lucky one, for I have all of these wonderful people in my life, to share my joy and to share my love. This is the best!

Here's to the Journey!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I feel the Holiday Season coming to an end as we make plans to take Jenn to the airport later this evening. She will be back in New York for the new year, and Jim and I will be celebrating the beginning of the new year in Tennessee. I am so grateful for Jenn, and so admire her courage and creativity. I love having her "home" so that I can admire up close the woman she has become. I am grateful for the friendship we have honed out of the mother/daughter relationship, and grateful too for the expansion that she has caused in me.

I am a better person because of both of my daughters, Jenn and Liz, and I love that I have been able to contribute in some capacity, to their Beauty, their Strength, and to their Courage!

Here's to the Journey!

Friday, December 25, 2009

It is Christmas evening and we have had a wonderful day. I have not written for several days and I feel a longing to get back to my writing.

Recently, as I made my morning trek around the lake in the blowing rain, I was so thrilled that I had not slept in and skipped my morning walk. Although it was certainly tempting with the rain, I knew my day would be better, more Joyful, for my effort. I was not disappointed. The clouds were swirling so fast it was almost dizzying, and just as I ended my walk and headed home, the clouds broke for just a brief moment and I saw blue and pink sky with the yellow sun trying to break through. The sun did not make it out for the rest of the day, but my Joy for having seen that brief moment, that beautiful glimpse, satisfied something within me.

Christmas satisfies something within me too. I love giving gifts to those I love. I love cooking everyone's favorite dishes. I love cramming the Christmas stockings to overflowing. I love the conversation that floats throughout the day and the memories we all share. I love the kisses and hugs, but most of all, I love the Joy we all feel at this time. That peaceful Joy that permeates our souls, and allows us for a brief moment, so see only beauty.

Here's to the Journey!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I returned home late last night from my trip North to visit family. It was wonderful to spend time with them, but I am happy to be home writing.

Spending time with family always offers the opportunity for growth, and this visit was no exception. I had plenty of time to reflect on where I am today, and the path and people who have led me here. And it is always strangely wonderful to return home to see the sameness that I remember well, but to also see the changes that time has forced upon us that we cannot ignore.

I hear stories of cousins that were little children the last time I saw them and cannot comprehend their grandchildren. I visit my nephews that are now grown men with wives and children, and I am amazed at their growth. I feel I have missed most of their Journey, so I stand in awe and appreciation of their successful travels.

I visit with Rudy, who technically is my niece, but feels more like a soul mate, and always has. It is amazing the connection you can have with others, and Rudy is one of those very special people in my life. I usually see her once every several years, and yet the Joy of reuniting is beyond words. Our visits are always too short, and never enough words are said.

I know that I will never move back "home", but the Joy of visiting people who you love this much pulls you back again and again.

Here's to the Journey!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am enjoying a lovely evening of wrapping gifts, addressing Christmas cards, and packing for my trip to Indiana tomorrow. I am spending a few days with my Mom and Dad. I have not stayed overnight in their home for over 30 years, yet I am looking forward to this visit. Some time ago I read a book that says we choose our parents. So last January I felt I had to visit my Mom & Dad and understand why I might have chosen them. Since that time, I have made peace in my heart with that decision, and a better understanding of my life has unfolded. And while I didn't have the perfect childhood, I know that everything has worked out for the best.

I have also read that when you know what you don't like, you are able to expand and reach for what you do like and/or want. That expansion has made me reach for many things in my life that are very different from what was expected of me. And as I close my day with thanks to my angels, I include a thank you for all that is past, and all that is coming!

Here's to the Journey!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I have spent the whole day Christmas shopping! I am not finished yet, however I do get a little reprieve this evening. So here I am, sipping a glass of wine, nibbling flax seed crackers while my office floor is covered with shopping bags, and my heart is singing!

Jenn booked her trip to Tennessee today, and I am sighing a big sigh of relief that she will be with us again! I have not seen her since Mother's day, and I am missing her terribly! Nothing compares to having your family together - ever!

As I walked this morning around the lake, I was thrilled to be alive, breathing the cold crisp air, and moving my body. I walked for an hour and then headed home for my morning smoothie. I cherish this simple routine, this quiet time "alone" walking the beach, and readying myself for the day of Joy that is sure to come to me!

Here's to the Journey!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday - my favorite day. I love spending a lazy morning, sleeping in and skipping the early morning walk. Making a fire in the fireplace and reading the newspaper sitting on the floor. Joy!

I went to the gym with Liz and the boys and worked out for a while, then headed to the swimming pool for the family swim. I played "motor boat" and "alligator" with Tucker, Rollin and Fynneus and then returned home to finish some sewing that I started this morning.

I just returned from the movies with Jim. We walked to Starbucks for my favorite drink, then walked to the movies. I love being in town like this, and walking around in the evening, bundled with gloves and scarves, seeing our breath rise in front of us. I LOVE this!! I love being here in Tennessee. I love my life!!!!! I can hardly wait for tomorrow which I plan to start with an early morning walk, and even though I have tons to do to get ready for the holidays, and our trip north.........I am filled with anticipation for the Joy manifesting each day!!!

Here's to the Journey!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Joyful day coming to a close. I find myself looking forward to the end of the day when I can sit quietly for a few moments and reflect on all that has unfolded. And then write about the unfolding.

I have had a most beautiful day beginning with Rollin, (4 years old) climbing in bed with us and telling us how to play the whispering game. Later playing Fish with Rollin, and a short shopping trip with Liz, and then dinner with Liz, Tucker, Rollin & Fynneus at our house. And then wrapping the day up with a card game of "spoons".

So now as I sit down to write about this marvelous day, I feel Joy that is beyond words. Again I look up the definition of Joy to be reassured that it fully describes what I feel: Joy [joi] noun, a feeling of great pleasure or happiness; tears of joy, the joy of being alive. Joy is derived from the word rejoice.

So I rejoice in my reflection of this day, as I look forward to all the days to come!

Here's to the Journey!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Peace - the feeling for today. It is hard to describe the feeling of peace that has enveloped me today. As we try to make decisions about our future, and where we will live, and how we will invest, and what we will do, Peace is permeating everything I do and say.

I received a call today from my sister informing me that my Mom is having some reactions to her medication, and strangely, I woke this morning thinking I needed to plan a trip Home. I had even googled a map prior to receiving the phone call, and so I was very at Peace knowing what I wanted to do. Now Jim and I are planning a trip home next week, and it feels the most peaceful thing to be doing at this busy time of the Holiday season.

I believe that part of this Peace comes from the knowledge that Mom and I have made Peace with each other. If not verbally, at least in our hearts for sure. And that is the best place to make Peace. I have spent many months releasing resistance and learning to love and appreciate myself and learning to appreciate all the people in my life, and learning to appreciate all of my life's experiences and to look for the lessons in those experiences. I have to admit that I am blessed for all the people who have touched my life. And it feels so good to be standing here in this place at this moment feeling Peace - no anger, no hatred, no frustration - only Peace and Love and Happiness.

This is the Journey - and I am so glad to be traveling through!

Here's to the Journey!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Relief - that is the Joy I feel today. I have been without a computer for a few days, and prior to that babysitting for our three grandsons. Trying to write with 3 little guys running around, I have found, is impossible.

So relief today that my new Apple computer is hooked up, and I am learning my way around the new settings. But tremendous Joy to be writing again. I have missed it terribly.

I love living here in Collierville, and I wake grateful every morning for this wonderful and Joyful experience. Jim and I have spent several hours over the past few days looking at neighborhoods and trying to decide on a new home. We have been into Memphis everyday, and it is hard to describe the "feeling" here, the area seems so "alive"! It is such a bustling area, all the shoppers are bundled against the cold, and everyone is happy and friendly. I made a new friend in the shoe department of the local Steinmart store, and it was so fun to have conversations like we had known each other forever!

Our neighbors left a box of Christmas cookies outside our door tonight, and we are enjoying the hospitality with every bite. A fire is blazing in the fireplace, and we are tucked in and cozy for the night. And although is is very cold, and I remember clearly how warm Florida is today, I am thrilled to be here, with my long cuddle duds, boots and leather gloves, and a beautiful scarf working to keep out the chill. I am right where I am suppose to be - right where I want to be - and I am LOVING it!

I finished decorating the Christmas tree this morning and I am eagerly looking forward to the holidays. Jenn will be here with us, so the whole family will be together, and I feel this wonderful jumble in my stomach as I think of all of us being together. We will be following some old family traditions, and as always, creating new ones too with friends and family. And I embrace our traditions, old and new, and our new friends with open arms. Ahhhh - Relief.

Here's to the Journey!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tonight Jim and I joined Liz and Thadeus and the boys at the town square for the Christmas tree lighting, the arrival of Santa, and Christmas carols which were sung by local elementary schools and the high school choir.

The Square was bustling with families, all anticipating the arrival of Santa which came just after 7:00 pm. He arrived in a Fire Truck, and was escorted to his "throne" by local officers. It was thrilling to watch all the children, the excited parents, and to feel the home town spirit of the holidays. It was freezing cold - but you wouldn't know that by just looking around. There was so much laughter, so much playing, chasing, running, that it warmed our heart and soul to see and feel all this Joy.

It has been a long time since we have experienced the Christmas anticipation of young families, and so many memories came flooding of our past family Christmases. I am so grateful for all the holiday memories we have with our daughters, and I am grateful for the new holiday memories we are creating day by day.

Here's to the Journey!