Monday, April 30, 2012

Settling More

Jim and I have spent the past two weeks moving from our apartment to a beautiful 3 story home.  This weekend we finally got everything unpacked and put away and we are enjoying the spaciousness and the endless weekend possibilities.  Our bikes and kayaks and golf clubs are close by in our garage, as planned.  The beautiful kitchen is stocked with all our dishes, the pantry is full of opportunities for creativity, and everyday feels brand new and exciting.  Yet, even with the newness we know we are settling in to the wonderful North Carolina living.  Mountains to the west, ocean to the east and here we are wrapped in each other's love - enjoying the good life!

Here's to more Good Living!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Squirrels Running In Circles

I am blessed to sit by 3 windows in my office with a view of the front yard and walkway flanked by two beautiful huge oak trees.  I often get distracted with the activity on Myrtle Street - deliveries, clients and co-workers dashing by my window - to get to work or to book travel.  People walking their dogs - or dogs walking their people.  Semi trucks backing up to the middle school with precious lunch cargo, and parents lining up at 2:45 to pick up their children.  I often see families walking down Myrtle to the Belmont City park - just a half a block a way.  I notice the mail person, the Fed Ex guy and UPS one too - each of them trying to memorize my last name as I sign for packages in a scribble that is not discernible - not to them anyway.

And as I pause today because of a flicker of activity to my right, I see two grey squirrels in the middle of Myrtle running in circles, happy as can be.  I assume happy as can be - and it gives me joy to imagine their joy - in the middle of Myrtle Street - running in circles.  Maybe I should try that too.....

Here's to the Good Life!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stories to Tell

I have not written for several weeks and often I catch myself thinking of a title for a story.  We drove the blue ridge parkway - only a few miles - yet the beauty captured us, heart and soul.  We went camping, hiking, sightseeing, and all the while I am thinking of my stories to tell.

Jim and I moved to a new rental home, celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary, planned a trip to Aruba and all the while my joy stories are rumbling around inside me.

My Journey of Joy is really Stories of Joy - moments captured in writing - joy given to words.

Here's to the Good Life!