Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sharing the Beauty of the Day

Today I joined Jim as he drove to Bridgeport Tennessee to engineer the telephone cable for a new bridge across the French Broad River which is fed by the mountains of North Carolina. I went because it assured me a trip to the mountains - I was not disappointed.

We crossed the mountains on a one lane gravel road, watching for bears and following the meandering trail of a fast flowing creek, encased by rock and trees as far as we could see. The road was completely surrounded by green plant growth and with the rays of sunlight filtering through the tree tops, it gave the appearance of a lush beautiful garden - laid out for us.

We drove for miles through the mountains without passing another car. We stopped and walked to a small lake that is used by helicopters to scoop water for forest fires. We gently touched greenery as we drove past the lush landscape - just by simply reaching our hands out the window.

And we smiled at each other with love for the beauty that we were sharing on this beautiful day in Tennessee.

Here's to the Ride!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Louisville, Tennessee

Jim and I took a drive tonight to the small river front community of Louisville. This little town is nestled on the east side of the Tennessee river with yachts anchored at the town marina. We discovered a wonderful place for a nice cold beer sitting over the water reminding us of the Tiki Bar in Florida where we often ended our warm sunny days.

But now Florida seems like a life time away as we drive back home on Louisville Road (aka 334) overlooking Maryville, all the while focusing on the lines and lines of mountains in the distance. Yes, we are loving it here! And we are grateful for all the places we have lived. All the life we have enjoyed. All the beauty we have gathered.

Here's to the Ride!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sittin' on Look Rock

I am back in Knoxville and it feels good to be "home". We missed the mountains so much that Jim took the day off and drove us to the mountains. We grilled burgers and then hiked to Look Rock. Look Rock is a cluster of huge boulders at the top of the mountain. Now they have constructed a beautiful tower above the rocks and that is where we hiked to the last time. when an older man told us how, as a kid, he use to play and climb on the real Look Rock which is located just below the tower right on the edge of the mountain. So Jim and I went to the real look rock. Although you may not be able to tell from the picture, we are at the top of this mountain. Sitting level with the tops of many trees, with only more mountains and trees in the distance.

So we just sat there - enjoying the view, enjoying each other's company, enjoying life.

Here's to the Ride!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Valley

Today I asked Jim to drive me through Happy Valley, Tennessee! He did! And we are both happy now.

Here's to the Ride!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time Spent With Family


I just returned from a trip up North to visit family.

Mom, Dad, Geoff, Brooklyn, Cherie, Miracle, Dena, Elijah, Christian,
Nathan, Alex, Arwen, David, Lindsey, Rudy, Devon, Griffin, Noel,
Joan, Chris, Ashley, Emma, Christopher, Malachi, Kenneth,
Ryan, Erica, Ryan II, LeeAnna, Joe, Hannah, Gabriel, and Abigail,
Missed seeing LaDonna, Ivan, Glenn, Debbie, and Sarah -
Still - time spent with family is always good!

Here's to the Ride!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mesmerized by the Mountains

Jim and I are LOVING the mountains. We love seeing them, driving through them hiking the quiet walkways. We love the mountains.

Last night we packed a picnic - steaks, salad, zucchini and squash to grill, a bottle of wine - and drove to a mountain top picnic area. Jim lit the charcoal and we drank a glass of wine as the coals heated. A second glass accompanied one of the most delicious meals ever and it felt so good to be there. Or should I say here. It feels so good to be here!

Tonight we stopped to pick up an ice cream dessert then drove to a hill top overlooking a valley with full view of the mountains beyond and marveled again at the immense beauty of this place.

So far we have not let a day go by that we don't go toward the mountains and drink in as much deliciousness as possible. I often take a book with me, but no reading is done as we wind through the mountain roads. I plan to make a few phone calls, and reception is lost, so we enjoy the quiet.

We discovered Look Rock Tower rising high above all the mountain peaks and trees. We plan to take a thermos of coffee and some chocolate almond biscotti and hike this trail to the tower long before the sun comes us - just so we will be there waiting...........for the beginning of a beautiful day to envelope us........waiting for the glorious rays of sun to burst over the mountain peaks and shine on our very souls. Waiting.........

We are mesmerized by these beautiful mountains. Hypnotized by their majesty. Humbled by their magnitude. Enthralled with their colors. And always, always searching the horizon for more!

Here's to the Ride!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I love it here! and there!

Getting ready to pack up my computer this afternoon. So just one more blog as I sit upstairs in my office looking out at the green grass and blue skies. This has been a beautiful home. My office still has signs that say "I love it here!" and really, really I do.

But something new awaits us and it is pulling us eastward to the mountains. I am blessed with this wonderful life I live. I am blessed with my wonderful family. I am blessed to still be discovering new adventures with the man I love.

Here's to the Ride!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just so we all remember

Rollin is spending the night with me before he goes on vacation with his family. I gave him my old phone and he has been delighted to take pictures and videos all afternoon. But just as the batteries were about to give out because they needed re-charging, he asked to take just a few more pictures.

He told me he wanted to take a pictures of our house - "Just so I always remember" We have so many memories we have built together, and I am blessed that my little grandson wants to always remember the times we had here. Life is so good with these wonderful boys in my life.

Here's to Remembering - Always!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Winds of Change

Our house is becoming more empty. My beautiful treasures packed in boxes - hidden inside cardboard. Making final adjustments, signing papers, poignantly feeling the permanence of this wind that is blowing us Eastward. At times my heart catches in my throat, and tears well up, but this I know - I have made changes before. This wind has blown me in many directions. I will get my bearings and I will bend and I will flow and soon, soon my heart will soar.

So I stand here with arms spread wide allowing all the Joy the wind can hold.

Here's to Riding the Wind!

Monday, June 6, 2011

I Promised Pancakes....

Tucker could hardly wait to get up this morning anticipating pancakes at my house. He ate two servings and they were so good he could hardly talk! However, I did hear a few mmmmmm's and a couple of yummmies. And then finally he told me "These are soooo good!" Of course I know the reason they're so yummy is all the love. I think Tucker knows that too.

Another wonderful day with a wonderful grandson. Tucker - I love you! and I am so glad you are on this ride with me - and it's a mighty fine ride!

Here's to the Ride!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

An Only Brother

Tonight as I was driving home with Tucker, (who called and asked if he could spend the night with me so that he can have pancakes for breakfast) we were talking about his brothers, Rollin and Fynneus. He told me he wished that he was an only brother because he would like to have his mom and dad all to him self.

So we are busy scheming a delightful plan for Rollin and Fynn to come and stay with me and Tucker gets to be an only brother!

Here's to sharing the Ride!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I have always thought that Inspiration would be a thought followed by bells, jubilation, ecstatic happiness, passion, and so on. However, I am learning that most times Inspiration is just a quiet little thought to do this or say that, and then I see life changing events follow that little quiet thought that inspired action.

Over the past few weeks I have been acknowledging these little inspirations for what they are - directions from Source and I have been amazed at what follows. No bell, no whistles, but very powerful when acted upon. There have been days when I have sat waiting for inspiration, and now I realize that it was there all along - in those quiet thoughts that guided me through my day.

Joy is an Inspiring Day! Or.....An Inspiring Day is JOY!

Here's to the Ride!

A follow up.....

I got up at 4:15 this morning (just as I had intended) and walked a mile and a half then crawled back in bed until the sun came up. I didn't see any stars because of the hazy sky, but I did hear birds singing their little hearts out and darting along the road in front of me. And somehow I feel complete!

Here's to the Ride!

Friday, June 3, 2011


I went to the chiropractor today.............. Oh the amazing feeling of being in alignment. As I feel more energy flowing through my body, I am glad for this holistic approach to living life. Now, if I can just get up early enough tomorrow to stretch and walk before the sun comes up, my Alignment will be complete. Joy is finding Alignment!

Here's to the Ride!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Dilemma

I don't remember the last time I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich - but that story has changed! This morning as I perused my kitchen for something to eat, I realized that the toaster is living in Knoxville, as well as my blender and my teflon skillets. I do still have my antique iron skillets here but my heart just wasn't in dragging one out.

The left over chicken in the fridge looked good, as did the hard boiled eggs I made yesterday, but neither of these appeared appetizing with the delicious single cup of coffee I was in the process of brewing. (Ahhhhh, scooping fresh coffee beans into my grinder. Pouring boiling water slowly, but with great anticipation. Then......that one most excellent cup of love to start my day!)

So what to eat as I savor my coffee????? Looking in the fridge I noticed a jar of my newly made Strawberry Jam - and it hit me. The perfect breakfast for this perfect day with this perfect cup of coffee is a PJ&B sandwich.

The next time anyone asks when was the last time I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I will remember this perfect day - filled with joy from the very start!

Here's to the Ride!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's always good to come home. And this time is no exception. I have spent the day falling in love with my house all over again. And while I know I will be leaving it soon - - there is Joy in Loving.

I vacated the attic today and hauled my beautiful christmas tree to the garage. Along with 4 orange pumpkins, 1 christmas wreath, the sleeve for Alice's rag top, Jim's father's day hammock, bumpers from the boat we had in Florida, 3 plungers (why do we have so many?) 5 House for Sale signs (with our Florida address) and 1 baby crib. What the !@#$%^&*(!!! But then I remember...........

The christmas tree that my grandson's decorated only half way up this year.
The Pumpkins that held candles as we waited for Trick or Treaters
The wreath that I bought when we lived in columbus - and I change the bow on every year.
The sleeve that makes Alice look so sleek when we put the top down.
The hammock that fits 2 people.
The bumpers that kept "Sun Wolf" from banging the sea walls.
The plungers - well I still don't know why we have so many - we never ever have plumbing problems.........
For Sale signs to sell the house in Florida so we could move here - to be with our family.
And a baby crib that I bought 7 years ago when Tucker first joined us. And we have since used it for Rollin and Fynneus.

And so, we will take these things to Knoxville along with the memories and our stories. And we will find Joy when we unpack a christmas tree, 4 pumpkins, 1 wreath, 3 plungers, 2 bumpers.........

Joy is in everything!

Here's to the Ride!