Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Cold Day

I have been waiting for a cold day because I promised Fynneus a trip to Starbucks for a hot chocolate.  He has decided that he should have an adult size drink and was anxious to order a Tall from their menu.  He had 2 old gift cards that I had given him a couple of years ago and wanted to do his school work while we hung out at Starbucks.

The temperature today barely made it to the mid 40's so I picked Fynn up after school and we headed for Starbucks.  He got his tall hot cocoa and a donut and a nice booth to work on writing and math.  I wrote math problems on our food bag and he wrote words on a blank sheet of paper from his book bag.    We did speed writing, and regular writing.  He counted by 10's to 370 and added numbers in his head when I gave him problems to solve.  He thought of 3 words that rhyme with ice (dice, mice and rice) and told me stories about his class room, his brothers and his mom and dad.

As I write this, Jim is in the other room reading Fynn a story about a baseball player, the fire place is blazing and I am thankful again for A Cold Day!

Life is Always Good!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Beautiful Sunday

Our plan was to slip away for a couple of hours today to drive through the country and soak up the beauty of fall.  For some reason we could not tear ourselves away from our renovation projects so we spent most of the day working on the kitchen and new plumbing.

But lucky for us, the trees in the neighborhood and in our own yard are so breathtakingly beautiful that all we have to do is step out our own back door to be surrounded by the beauty and the bounty of fall.

A beautiful Sunday, and all I have to do is breathe it in.

Life is Always Good!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Seeing Potential

Just a few short months ago we bought a house in southern Indiana and have been busy redesigning the interior.  It was built in the late 70's or early 80's and desperately in need of some TLC.  Jim and I are very good at imagining improvements and so we bought this house knowing that some work was ahead of us, but that it would be so satisfying/fun to make this home fit us!

So walls have come down, the kitchen disassembled, and floors ripped up.  Everything that would fit in the basement has been hauled down and we are keeping only the bare necessities around us.  Walls are being painted, sometimes more than once when the color just doesn't "feel" right.  The ceiling is getting a new life as we remove beams and add a coat of fresh white through out.

Although the house needs a complete make over, it has some good points too.  It is only 7.8 miles from our daughter Liz and our grandsons.  It has a fenced in yard so that John Wayne can romp to his heart's desire, and we have wonderful neighbors on all sides.  We are close to shopping, home improvements stores and The Pie Kitchen.  Starbucks is only 2 miles away and on the way to Liz's house!  But most importantly, it feels GOOD to be here!

For a while longer we will be "roughing it" but in just a few more weeks, we will be sitting by the fireplace, reading the Sunday paper, drinking fresh brewed coffee and congratulating ourselves for seeing what could be!  Seeing the potential of this little house making up feel Home Again!

Life Is Always Good!