Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Appreciating the Good Stuff

I will be disconnecting my computer later this evening, and I wanted to get one more post before I pack up for the next few days.

Moving day is Friday, and the anticipation is building.  I was awake at 2:30 this morning and actually woke John up so that I would have an excuse to go outside and look at the stars.  John was not as excited about the view as I was, but it was so worth it.  As I came back in the house, I considered setting a lawn chair in the middle of the road so that I could spend the next couple of hours just soaking up the beauty - but the chairs are already in storage in Indiana somewhere, and I was sure I might frighten the neighbors.  So, I just fixed my coffee, closed my eyes and imagined the stars again.

I am also looking forward to driving through the mountains on Saturday.  It is the perfect time of the year to see the beautiful fall colors, and there is nothing more exhilarating than rounding those curves to more and more beauty each time.  When we drive through Kentucky, it feels like we are at the top of the mountains, and as we look over the valleys, it literally takes our breath away.

I am already planning my Sunday morning walk along the Ohio River.  I use to make this walk every morning at 5:00.  It was such a fabulous walk that Jim began to join me - and he has never walked that early with anyone!  That's how fabulous it is!

On Monday I have houses to look at as we start that nesting/settling process one more time.  With all of these wonderful things in store, I know the time is going to fly by as I appreciate the now and look forward to the all the good stuff that is coming.

Here's to the Good Life!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Coffee For Two!

Each day Jim calls and tells me what he has accomplished today.  He is learning to do his own laundry, fix his own coffee, change the sheets, fold the towels, grocery shop and more --- As for me, I am enjoying my own leisurely cup of coffee at 5 in the morning with no interruption, laundry and ironing when I'm good and ready, and just enough groceries for a couple of days- and only the stuff I like.

What I miss are those mornings of conversation, the hugs and kisses that greet me at the end of the day, the never ending question of "what's for dinner" and folding clothes that don't fit me.

I have enjoyed this quiet time, but really, I love spending my days with Jim.  I love being his wife and I am looking forward to Friday morning when we have that perfect delicious cup of coffee together and talk about the new day coming.  

Here's to the Good Life!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Waiting for Home

There is nothing left to pack at my house except my computer and my tooth brush - and both of those will wait just a few more days.  My 3rd floor office is empty, my bed stands alone in the master bedroom, and I have only a path from the stairs to the kitchen.  Boxes, furniture and plants are stacked higher than I can reach, and the rooms echo softly as I was thru them.

As often as I have moved, I am still amazed at how quickly we make a house a home, and then just as quickly strip the house of everything that made it home.  I find that when all of our stuff is packed in boxes and the pictures are removed from the walls, then I no longer feel the attachment to the building.  

That is how I feel tonight.  This building no longer feels like home and although it is a beautiful building and holds many wonderful memories for both Jim and I, I feel detached as I see each empty room.  As I gaze at the boxes and furniture to be loaded up on Friday,  I know somewhere, miles and miles away, a new home is waiting.

Here's to the Good Life!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Counting Time


Jim is flying home on Thursday and I am counting the days.  Knowing each night of sleep brings the time closer - knowing each day of keeping busy helps the counting go by faster.  As I check the days off one by one, I am grateful for the love that has kept us counting time together.  

Here's to the Good Life!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Learning to Walk with John

When I take John Wayne for a walk each evening, I usually am in a hurry to get back to the house.  I need to fix dinner, do laundry, pack more boxes, etc. But again tonight, John reminded me to pause - because life is so good.  You see, it is very rare that John will pass a flower and not stop to smell it.  So, while I am focused on what I need to get back to, John is enjoying this perfect moment, and this perfect flower.  Often, when he gets me up at 3 or 4:00 in the morning,  I start off grumbling, but it never fails that I get that rare glimpse of dark sky sprinkled with a million stars.  Then I remind myself, again, how much I am learning when I walk with John.

Here's to the good life!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Small Town Feeling

Last night I helped my employer, Rebecca, host a Vacation Showcase at a beautiful Manor.  There were over 200 people in attendance, and it was so fun to mingle with everyone.  As I walked from room to room chatting with friends, meeting new friends, I recalled that it was just one short year ago that I helped host her first event there and had met most of these people that I now call friends.  The feeling was bitter sweet as I realized that I would not see them again, but I consider myself blessed to have known each and everyone.

I did not realize until last night what has happened in the year we have been in North Carolina, but I came to see that this small town welcomed me with open arms and made me feel right at home.  Many told me goodbye last night, and with others I just listened to the stories of their lives and their travels.   I will leave the Carolinas knowing that this fits perfectly in my Journey and I will treasure these memories and this small town feeling that felt so good to me!

Here's to the Good Life!

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Good Night Call

My phone has rang several times this evening, and I feel like it has been glued to my ear for hours.  But that last good night call from Jim makes my heart sing.  We are spending some long days with miles and miles between us, but just the sound of his voice still makes everything just right.  It reminds me that all is well, and that we are on this Journey together.  All these years and all these miles ending every night with a simple Good Night My Love!

Here's to the Good Life!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thankful for Diversity

Yogurt and berry parfait at the Ritz Carlton in Charlotte. 

Mimosa's and strawberry shortcake in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Fresh coffee and a pecan roll at Panera's in Ayrsley.

Hearts Omelet at Pewter Rose in Charlotte.

Over easy with wheat toast and strawberry jam at Toast in Dillworth.

Anything EXCEPT liver mush at Georgio's in Gastonia. 

 A perfect Americano and pumpkin bread from Starbucks at the Charlotte Airport.

Mocha Frappe at the McDonald's drive thru in Mount Holly. 

Coffee and a donut with sprinkles at Dunkin in Belmont.

All the way from the Ritz to Mickey D's - breakfast (and life) is good with a little diversity thrown in.  Thank you, Jim, for insisting that Sunday mornings are for diversity and good food. 

Here's to the Good Life!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The "L" Word

I have not written in my Journey of Joy for months now, and huge changes are rumbling through our lives.  Just when I felt like we would be settling in to North Carolina for years to come, Jim was transferred to Louisville, Kentucky and we are in the process of moving again.  The house is (mostly) packed and I am finalizing the details of our lives here.

Most people who know me, consider me to be a professional when it comes to moving, and I must admit that I have a pretty good system (label EVERYTHING) for moving quickly and setting up a new home.  Of course, it helps so very much when I am aligned with the Universe and everything flows better than I could even have imagined.  As is the case with this move to Louisville. Exciting plans are materializing, and doors are opening.  On top of all of this wonderful excitement, Liz and Thad are also moving to Louisville, and I am realizing another dream come true - closer to the family that I love and adore.

Often Jim and I have talked of our moves, not quite sure when/if we would stay anywhere.  Sometimes tentative about sinking in our roots if a move might be looming.  So I was thrilled/surprised/inquisitive to hear Jim mention the "L" word last weekend.  His exact words:  Sandy, this might be our LAST move.  Now I have used this L word many times.  Our move to Florida was my last as was the move to Memphis, as was the move to Knoxville, as was the move to Charlotte.  I was confident that Liz and Thad were going to join us here in North Carolina, and we would call this home for many years to come.  And yet, there was no hesitation to start the move process again.

I will not hold Jim to the L word because I know, just like he does, we can not say No to life.  We are adventurers, and wanderers, and can never turn back when we see a corner just up ahead that we feel we must round.  And each and every time we are amazed with the view and the life we create as we continue to move forward.

Here's to the Good Life!  Ever changing, ever evolving, ever magnificent!!!