Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tonight I am in York, Maine. It has been a whirlwind week including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Plymouth, Boston, Salem and now York. We are driving along the coast and enjoying the cool weather of Maine. The trees are coming into color, and the scenery is beautiful. We went to the ocean today and watched waves crash over the rocks. We stood in the wind looking at a lighthouse perched at the top of an island flashing its red light for any would be boaters on this turbulent ocean. We are gathering post cards to mail to loved ones, we are eating clam chowders at all the local pubs and restuarants and we are searching all of the antique stores and used book stores for old dictionaries. And we've only just begun.

Life is good here on the northeast coast.

Here's to the Journey!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stars, Stars and more Stars!

I went to the Memphis Planetarium today with Liz, Tucker, Rollin and Fynneus and got to see what the sky looks like without street lights shinning in your eyes. The stars and planets are so beautiful and it was a wonderful experience to see them all at once.

When I walk in the mornings, I try to find the darkest spot and then gaze skyward. Sometimes I block the light with my eyes in an effort to see more stars. The Planetarium doesn't let you miss a star! They are all there for your viewing pleasure and it makes me want to drive out of town where there are no lights, and look at the heavens! I wonder if Jim would like to take a 4:00 am drive with me sometime............

And for tomorrow I will have an even greater appreciation as I take my walk. I will know that there are so many more stars than my eyes can see - but that doesn't make it any less breath taking! Every single time!!!

Here's to the Journey!

Friday, September 17, 2010

On the Patio!

I had such an amazing day. I did some writing this morning, but then, because the breeze was so nice, and the day so beautiful, I spent way too much time sitting on the patio - soaking it all in.

I love these kind of days. Not too hot, windows open, breeze blowing gently, birds singing, butterflies dancing in front of me - I could not drag myself into the house. I sat there meditating, reading, visualizing and just looking at the sky and the trees. Life is so good on the patio!

Then to top of this gorgeous day, the Douglas family (Liz, Thad, Tucker, Rollin and Fynneus) joined us for dinner and drinks on the patio.

I'm telling you........Life is so very good on the patio!

Here's to the Journey!

Overflowing Joy!

Many times I plan to write in the evening, and although I spend my day writing, I usually hold off writing my blog until the end of the day. Yesterday was no exception, but I did not make it back up to my office. Jim and I went to an old car show, which was interesting and we saw some cars that we had never seen before, and then we had dinner and decided to take in a movie.

When we returned home (late) I knew that my blog would have to wait, but thankfully, Joy in my life doesn't have to "wait". I can invite and allow Joy in my life every moment of every day. Writing this blog has made me acutely aware of noticing Joy. I find myself humming and smiling just because. I always carry pen and paper (even at 4:30 in the morning when I am walking) so that I can catch the Joy of words as they come to me. I find appreciation of so many little things in my life that I use to not notice. With appreciation comes love and with love comes Joy. Some days I feel myself overflowing with appreciation, with love, with Joy.

Yesterday was one of those days.

Here's to the Journey!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slam Dunk!

We just got home from Liz's house. Jim baked 2 apple pies today, so we delivered one to the beautiful Douglas family! Thad was working, but he will get some later, I am sure.

Tucker and Rollin wanted to show me their newest skateboard tricks, and Fynneus wanted me to play basketball. Soon we were all playing basketball and a foul was called on me for grabbing Tucker and hugging him so that he couldn't make a basket. These rules are too restrictive for Nanna - basketball should include lots of hugs!

Playing with our grandsons --- this is Joy.

Here's to the Journey!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tucker, Rollin and Fynneus spent the night with me last night and all of this day. We had a wonderful day and I am pleasantly exhausted. They amaze me with their energy and their excitement for life. I amaze myself when I spend time with them and catch their energy and excitement.

When they leave our house, if feels so very quiet......so very empty. But I know it won't be for long. They will be back soon. Filled with energy and excitement, and I will again know the Joy of living close to family and being loved so very much.

Here's to the Journey!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Family Treasures!

I was downloading pictures from my camera last night, and found this one taken while Jenn was here. I thought that I only had 3 or 4 pictures on the camera so imagine my surprise when this one popped up. We had been bike riding all morning, and Liz and Thadeus took us all to lunch at Gus's Chicken in old towne Collierville. The waitress took our picture as we all awaited our chicken dinners.

I relish this time with my family. I love that our family has grown to include Thadeus and our grandsons. I love that Jenn can get time away from the busy-ness of New York and her work there to visit us in the mid-South. I love that we all enjoy and treasure our time together. We will not all be together again until Christmas, so this picture has to hold me over.

I will treasure this family picture and I will take Joy in knowing that Christmas is only 102 days away!!!!! JOY!

Here's to the Journey!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Seeds for the future

Jim and I spent the weekend in Mountain Home enjoying the beautiful scenery and time with fishing friends. On Saturday we woke to thunder, lightening and rain, but by 8:30 the sun was breaking through so we all continued on with our plans to kayak, canoe and fish the White River. (My plan was to "read" the river) This is one of the most beautiful rivers I have ever been on, and my kayak seemed to sail so smoothly. Jim kept stopping to fly fish so I moved swiftly ahead. I stopped on the banks and sat in the sun to read a book that I had packed - just for this occasion. Then I finished my trip paddling all the way back to our cabin just for the sheer joy of the movement through the water.

Sunday we woke to fog so thick that we could not see the river from our cabin, so the day's trip was cancelled and we headed home. I had planned to take my camera on the Sunday trip, so I missed getting the pictures of the beautiful landscape of the White River. However, I did get seeds for the beautiful plants covering the resort office. The owner of the resort had several names for this plant, but I just saw beautiful. So next spring, when the time is just right, we will start this gorgeous plant at our house and remember that wonderful day of Kayaking!

Here's to the Journey!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pieces of God

I am currently reading a book by Wayne Dyer. In this book he encourages us to look at ourselves as a "piece of God". I like this suggestion. I am a "piece" of God/Source. When I look at myself that way, I feel differently. When I look at my surroundings in that way, that everything is a "piece" of God/Source, then they all take on a new meaning.

Jim is a piece of God/Source. Jenn and Liz are a pieces of God. My grandsons are pieces of God. The big pine tree in my back yard is a piece of God. That huge golden spider that hangs in my backyard when it is dark is a piece of God. (which is going to make it harder to squish him when the time comes!) The grass, the stars, the air the rain - all pieces. And somehow, this is all very reassuring. This universe is a friendly place, meshed together as pieces of Source Energy. Everything brought forth to be a piece.

There is Joy in being a piece. There is Joy in acknowledging all the other pieces too!

Here's to the Journey!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Once upon a time.......

I went to a library in Memphis this afternoon to hear an author speak about her book. The interview was recorded for a local radio show in one of the sound studios in the basement of the library. The author wrote the story of her childhood, and her book tour is to encourage each of us to tell our own story. To be honest with ourselves.

I have always wanted to tell my story. And I want to tell the story with humor and compassion. I want to weave the tale that has lead to this life I am living. To these beliefs that I am believing. And to this love that I am loving. My story - my living!

One Sunday morning, a long time ago....................

Here's to the Journey!

Apple Pie and Family.........

Last night we met Liz and Thad and the boys at the BMX track, but it was raining like crazy and everything was cancelled. So they followed us to our house and we sliced the remainder of the apple pie into seven pieces. Everyone loved the pie and Tucker was amazed that Poppa had made the pie by himself. (I explained that I wasn't even in the kitchen while the making was going on) So the boys get to see a different side of Jim. The side who would be a gourmet cook. The side who maneuvers a kitchen with ease. The side who knows instinctively how to turn out good food. And I marvel at the many sides to each of us, yet love this side that we all share - loving apple pie and loving family.

Here's to the Journey!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My first poem...

As I walked this morning, I thought about how long I have wanted to write. I thought about this passion I have for writing and tried to trace it back to a "beginning". I remember always reading, always spending my school lunch break in the library looking for a book, or just sitting and reading. I loved when teachers would give us writing assignments, and I also loved memorizing my papers to present them orally. My first writing that I can recall occurred in fifth grade. The school was holding a contest for the best poem for Mother's Day. This is what I wrote:

Words cannot explain
what my Mother means to me,
Words cannot explain
why her love is so sweet.
Words cannot explain
why I love her so dear,
Words cannot explain
so I'll have to shed a tear.

And I won!!!!! I won a complete meal at McDonalds - Cheese burger, french fries AND a milk shake! (Keep in mind that back then, McDonalds was a big deal - and it was way, way before happy meals!)

So here I sit at my computer, hoping to write something meaningful today in my book, and I smile at this small poem and at the encouragement I received to pursue my dream.

Maybe I will reward myself today with a complete meal at McDonalds - and take with me the encouragement I felt all those years ago - Yes! I can write! I am a writer! I have won awards for my writing!

Here's to the Journey!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Joy In This Moment

Jim is downstairs baking a homemade apple pie. We stopped at an orchard in Illinois yesterday on our way back from Indiana and picked fresh apples for this pie today.

I am taking a few minutes to write in my book, but to also "capture" this moment of Joy. I feel so very blessed and at peace with this moment. I have tremendous gratitude for the beauty of this moment. The windows are open and a gentle breeze is flowing through. The sun is laying low to the west of our house, and we are catching the last remnants of its rays. And in this moment I feel Joy for my life. I feel Joy in feeling this moment - right here - right now. This magic moment.

Here's to the Journey!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Joy In The Morning!

This morning the sky was so black, the moon and stars so bright.........This is my morning Joy!

Here's to the Journey!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Another day surrounded by family, including Granny Great. Life is so very good!

Here's to the Journey!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Having a lovely day..............

Our week with Grandma Dierdorf is winding down. Our last day is tomorrow and all 3 grandsons begged to spend the night with us so that they don't miss a minute of her visit. I am so grateful that the family wants to be together. Tonight as we all enjoyed a chocolate dessert (thanks to Jim) we went around the table and each of us said what we were grateful for. It was beautiful to hear the love in our little family. Life is so very good!

Here's to the Journey!