Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2 1 3

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend at Liz's and made it back to NC safe and sound. It was so good to spend time with Tucker and Rollin and Fynn and to see their sweet faces again. I adore these little guys and love that they adore Jim and me too. Our lives are truly blessed with TWO amazing daughters, ONE amazing son in law and THREE amazing grandsons.

Here's to the Good Life!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Joy is......

Joy is baking good things for Thanksgiving dinner.
Joy is spending time with family and friends over Thanksgiving dinner.
Joy is driving through the mountains the day before Thanksgiving dinner.
Joy is hugs from grandsons in anticipation of Thanksgiving dinner.
Joy is eating all the good stuff for Thanksgiving dinner.
Joy is being thankful for Thanksgiving dinner.

Here's to the Good Life!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Morning Joy

I walked this morning at 5:00 and enjoyed the beauty of a quiet dark morning. The stars were hidden by clouds but a sliver of the moon was visible most of the time. I love this time of the morning the best. So quiet - so dark - no distractions from the world around me. As I walked this morning I deliberately thought of things I appreciate. The most important - being able to walk so early in the morning feeling beauty and joy all around me.

Here's to the Good Life!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crowder's Mountain

I worked this afternoon and Jim took a hike to Crowder's Mountain. He even has proof, as you can see - John Wayne looking down from the mountain top perch.

It was a beautiful day and I am glad that they got to hike in the mountains - somehow I feel better knowing they spent the day in the mountains and I get to hear all their stories.

Here's to the Good Life!

What It's All About

I began a new job yesterday (Saturday) and I am thrilled to be back to work. I am working with a Travel Agency so I am in a position that allows, in fact encourages, so much creativity. I have been putting my desires out to the Universe, not knowing where it it would take me, yet trusting that it would lead to the perfect place at the perfect time. And here I am. No worries, no fears, just trusting that all is well - and it is.

I am going into the office for a little while this afternoon, and while working a weekend like this is not the norm, we are getting ready for an fabulous social event that is requiring additional prep time. And I am imagining all the fun we will have, all the laughs we will laugh and all the Joy that is flowing to us. I am looking forward to the people I will meet, the travels I will travel, and the friends I will make along the way. That's really what it's all about - Having fun, seeing the world and making friendships that last a life time.

Here's to the Good Life!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Looking for the Best View

We took John Wayne to the park tonight for a run. This little dog can run like the wind so Jim and I will get at opposite ends of the park and call him back and forth rewarding each run with a doggie treat. John sits patiently as we dig a treat from our pocket and then he will flop down on his belly. He will gently lap water out of Jim's hands as I pour from his water bottle and roll in the grass if his head gets the least bit wet.

But the fun part is watching this little dog run as hard as he can, sometimes leaping through the air, landing in a sitting position waiting for our approval. Often we run with him, encouraging him to run faster and faster and in the end he will flop down and wait for us to come to him. Back home he is just a little limp rag doll waiting for Jim to carry him to his bed.

At the end of the day we realize again how much John has changed our lives. Today, because of John, we spent time at the park running and looking for stars - because he always reminds us that the best view is Up.

Here's to the Good Life!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Main Time

I talked Jim into helping me do the laundry tonight at the downtown laundromat. We got all the clothes in the washer and we had a full 24 minutes to walk down Main Street. It has been raining all day, so the sidewalks were covered with wet leaves and the streets glistened from the lamp posts and it felt like the perfect night to be walking down Main for 24 luxurious minutes.

Here's to the Good Life!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Just gotta say Life Is Good!. Sitting here looking at a beautiful moon shrouded with clouds in the horizon. I am looking forward to seeing the stars early tomorrow morning. It's so good here.

Here's to the Good Life!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting My Joy On

I have been acutely conscious of not writing my blog for the past few weeks as we settle into our new life in North Carolina. Although I did not write my Joy each day, that did not keep me from experiencing my Joy.

As I learn my way around town I realize how quickly I adjust to a new life style. We are living in a second floor apartment again, something we did in Collierville for 3 months. I am waiting to go back to C-ville to pick up my washer and dryer and in the meantime making a weekly trip to the laundromat.

I drive down Main street as often as possible to see the life going on there. The restaurants and shops draw my attention and I found myself on a Sunday morning at 7:30 am driving Main Street, just observing all that is going on in this beautiful town. My favorite seat at the laundromat affords a complete view all the way down Main and I sit there mesmerized by the bustling activity.

Of course we have ventured past the city limits checking out a cluster of small towns outside of Charlotte. We drove out to Crowder Mountain and the Blue Ridge Mountains. We drove north to Blowing Rock and Boone, each time expanding our horizons and thrilled for the new sights and experiences added to our personal history.

We have found a park 3 blocks away that we walk John Wayne to several times a week and let him run like the wind. The Caravan coffee shop is 4 blocks away and their Americano's compare to Starbucks any day. A new (to us) pizza place out on Wilkinson Blvd pulled us in right away. A catfish restaurant out on New Hope Road keeps calling to us.

John Wayne has made a new friend in the neighborhood - a little black and white Shih Tzu named Cora that he is crazy about. Jim and I attended a Chamber of Commerce Networking and met business people from around town. We attended a concert at the Belmont Abby and enjoyed the beautiful music of Thomas Pandolfi. We are making plans to tour the Botanical Gardens. I have driven to the Gardens and can't wait to see the beauty that awaits us.

Wonderful opportunities are waiting us here and as I begin my early morning walk like I have always done where ever we live, I remind myself that I am open and receptive to Joy.

Here's to the Good Life!