Saturday, January 28, 2012

In Storage

This morning after breakfast and grocery shopping, Jim and I stopped by our storage unit to pick up a few things for the apartment. While I'm sure I know everything that we have in storage, I was still surprised as we opened the garage like door and saw so many things that I had "forgotten". I saw a beautiful chair draped in sheets sitting high on boxes and things. I saw one of our sofas and the pretty throw pillows that make it so comfortable. I saw tables, rugs, antiques, silk plants, flowers, art work and pictures. It literally took my breath away to see and recall all the beautiful things we have in our lives, and I felt such joy to think about the house we will move to some day so that I get to live with all these beautiful things again.

We are comfortable in this cozy little apartment. We have everything we need right now - but I know, waiting just around the corner is so much beauty, so many memories, and so many good things to add to our lives. I am looking forward to unpacking a piece of our lives again!

Here's to the Good Life!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Walk In The Woods

Jim and I spent the day cleaning house, doing laundry and many more mundane house hold chores. Then we headed to Gaffney, South Carolina for a little shopping and a trip to Starbucks. On the way home we made several detours to check out towns that we had not been to before - always on the look out for a new adventure.

We saw an exit for King's Mountain National Military Park and decided we had time for one more detour before we headed home for dinner. I'm so glad we made this last stop. We drove into the park for a few miles and stopped at the visitor's center. Jim went in to get info about the park - hiking trails, camping, picnic area and so on and I kept John Wayne busy outside. When Jim joined us we realized that we only had 20 minutes before the park closed but really wanted to walk in the woods. So we headed off towards a battlefield area.

The leaves were wet and soft under our feet, the air damp with an afternoon mist. The sky was covered in thick grey clouds, but as we stepped into the woods, a wonderful peacefulness greeted us and I felt great appreciation for the beauty of this place. We walked leisurely along a trail and turned around and headed back to the car - and yet that peacefulness lingered with us. I felt so good that I had spent those short 20 minutes in nature for somehow I felt connected to what so many call God. I felt at one with all the beauty that nature lovingly lays out for us. I felt a peace that transformed my day from joy to JOY! Just by taking 20 minutes to walk in the woods.

Here's to the Good Life!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Life of Words

I have been playing tonight with my Kindle as I look at all the books that are available to me. I am thrilled at the possibility of having book with me at all times. I have goose bumps as I type this thinking of my collection of books all on this tiny little electronic device. I thought I would miss having the paper copies, but I realize it is the words I want to possess. These words that give so much detail to our lives. Words that grab your emotions and jerk them right out of your heart. Words that help you see the beauty of something you've never seen.

Yes, it's the words I love having with me, woven in their intricate dance that intrigues me and delights me. And thrills me beyond description.

Here's to the Good Life - punctuated by words!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Book Lover

I received my new Kindle today and I am excited about all the books I am going to read! I have always loved to read and as I young girl I often read under the covers with a flash light. I finished Gone With the Wind at midnight many years ago. For Whom The Bell Tolls and Great Expectations and so many more - wonderful books by wonderful writers. I can hardly wait to download all the favorites to have them with me at all times. Really, this is a dream come true for a book lover!

Life is always good with a good book close by!

Here's to the Good Life!

Monday, January 2, 2012


Today I have been contemplating my chosen birthdate. Wondering what it was like to be so eager, so excited, so exhilarated to be here again. I hope that somehow I will revive that same eagerness, excitement and exhilaration this year for I can think of a million reasons to be here and to be happy!

I feel reassurance knowing that I chose this life. I chose these contrasts and I chose the people I love most. I chose to live in this time when technology moves faster than we can breathe and life races forward. As I mediated this morning I tried to visualize that first day of my life, and while I cannot recall that day clearly, I have so many more that I do recall - days that have guided me on this journey to right here, right this moment. So for now, I am appreciating life and all that is good.

Here's to a Good Life in 2012!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Good Year

Jenn and Liz celebrated my birthday with me while I was still in Memphis. They took me for a pedicure and we were blessed to spend time together - just the three of us. Liz gave me a scarf that she had crocheted for me, so beautiful and I have worn it several times already, and they gave me a beautiful Italian leather journal.

Today, being the first day of 2012, I have been thinking about my journal often, and finally, I have come to a decision. This beautiful Journal will be my Journal of Positive Aspects for 2012. I am excited to begin my writings - looking for the best in everything. Finding positive aspects in my every day life. In the ordinary as well as extraordinary. My goal is to see and write positive aspects for the people I love and to focus on positive aspects when I am feeling a little out of sorts. I know when you only focus on the good, you can only draw good to you - and as I said before - I am planning a really, really, really good year this year!

Here's to a Good Life and a Good Year!