Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Trust Myself

Learning to trust is one of life's lessons that can only come when I am ready.   I keep a piece of paper taped to my computer at home that says "Trust that all is well!  Because it is!"  And even though I read it every day, and I might say that I believe it, putting that trust into action is harder than I want it to be sometimes.

Trusting that all is well means trusting that the decisions and choices I make are the right ones for me.   Always!

Trusting that all is well means that there is nothing to worry about - because all is well.  Always!

Trusting means knowing a peace and calm that may not always be evident.

Trusting carries the responsibility of letting go - which can be hard to do.

But when I trust myself, I feel the power that is me.  I feel the peace and calm that is real, and I feel the free flow as life guides me where I am suppose to go.

With arms wide open and face to the sun I affirm - All is Well -  I Trust Myself.

Life is Good!