Sunday, July 19, 2015

This Journey

I began my Journey of Joy Blog almost six years ago as a way to consciously look for Joy. I wrote to remind myself that Life Is Good,  that there is Beauty everywhere if I look for it, and to remind myself that I can make of my day what I want.

So for the past year I have opened my blog page each day - and each day decided I wasn't quite ready to continue. I have often scrolled through the stories, and read again with delight the expression of Joy I wanted to convey.  All the while feeling great anticipation for the writing of this next chapter.

So here I am, July 19, 2015 and I know to the very core of my being that the next chapter is here.  It has begun and I am ready to set out on this wonderful Journey.  It is a Journey I will tell with words and photographs.  A Journey I will tell with laughter and love.  A Journey that I hope many will share with me.  It is a Journey that could only come about at this time and at this place.

I have imagined this story for a year now.  I've thrilled at how all the pieces have fallen into place.  And I smile as I realize that my Journey of Joy has lead to my career as a Travel Agent.

I sit at my computer now a days with a large world map pinned to my wall that I can reach out and touch any time I want.  Australia is right in my line of vision as I look at my monitor.  As I raise my eyes I take in China, Mongolia, and that big yellow chunk that says Russia.  To the right I see Alaska almost touching Russia, then on to Canada and falling south to the US and on to the beautiful Caribbean.  South America is stunning with its countries outlined in a rainbow of colors. My eyes continue right moving on to Africa and I think of that wonderful safari that I am planning for clients. I raise my eyes again and land on that rather small area we casually call Europe - yet it includes so many beautiful countries.  I find I have circled the world right here in my office as I catch sight of the other half of Asia.  And I sit here amazed!  Thrilled!  And filled with Joy!

I have landed on the best career!  I have the delightful privilege of helping  people plan the most amazing vacations - and I am traveling more that ever before!

My next chapter will be filled with stories of Life's Travels  as This Journey leads to new places, new people and new Joy.  I hope you will join me as I weave my stories and capture for all of us a little more joy in this amazing world!

Sunrise in the Smoky Mountains!

Life is Good!

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