Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Locks of Love

My husband and I recently traveled to Germany and Austria and we arranged our itinerary so that we would be in Salzburg for the last two nights of our vacation to celebrate our anniversary.  It was the perfect place to be at the perfect time.

As we stood on the balcony of our room at the Sacher Hotel overlooking the Salzach River, we could see glistening colors in the sun light.    The walking bridge that connected Salzburg seemed to be lined with confetti that created a blaze of colors reflecting the light.  With our curiosity peaked (and our thirst quenched at the Sacher Bar) we headed toward  the bridge to discover thousands and thousands of pad locks.  All colors, all sizes, dangling in the sun.

All the locks were securely fastened to the chain link fence that lined the bridge. A few had writing on them, as if adding a name would add permanence or maybe more presence.  Some of the locks were old and beginning to rust, but many were brand new.  The colors, sizes and shapes were all different with no pattern to their placement.  Just anonymous Locks of Love left behind to symbolize a time of love.

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