Tuesday, April 1, 2014

21 Breaths

Last year I was privileged to attend a talk by His Holiness, The Dali Lama.  During the lunch break, I was honored to be personally introduced to him and shake his hand and pose with Jenn, Liz and Rudy for a picture.  I have this picture framed in my home, but am often surprised when I notice it again.  It was such an amazing day!  But often our amazing days slip away into weeks, months, years, and eventually a life time, and the amazing part becomes hazy, forgettable, or buried somewhere in the crevices of our lives.

Before his public talk began on that Monday morning, I had purchased a wooden bead bracelet hand made and sold by the Tibetan Monks.  I was intrigued with the simple beauty of it, but primarily purchased it as a reminder so that this day would not become too forgettable.

During the Dali Lama's talk he recommended that we use beads to count our breaths as we meditate.  The goal:  21 breaths without the mind wondering.   And when/if it wonders, come back gently and begin with one again.

I wear this bracelet often as a gentle reminder and I always count my breaths each day as I meditate.  And even though I have not made it to 21 without other thoughts coming to mind, I now look forward to the thoughts that do come.

With 21 breaths I find the thoughts that affirm again and again that life is good.  I find thoughts of love, of inspiration and of creativity.  I find thoughts of beauty in nature, in family and in laughter.  I find thoughts of peace and calm, even when the outside doesn't look that way.  I find thoughts of health and vitality and I feel eager to move, to walk and to hike.  And always, I find thoughts of great expectations for all the good that is mine.

Although my mind continues to conjure these thoughts, and doesn't care to stay focused on breathing for the duration, I will enjoy each day as I count, over and over,  21 Breaths.

Life is Always Good!

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