Thursday, March 6, 2014


I returned home last Wednesday from my stay with my mother-in-law ready for the comforts of Home!  I was so surprised when I opened the door and saw my house.  Although I had only been gone for a few weeks, I had "forgotten" how beautiful my house is and how beautiful it feels to my soul.

I don't think that I had really forgotten, however, coming home really caught me by surprise this time and I have savored this feeling for the past week.

I savored walking room to room - remembering.  I savored the beauty and smell of roses Jim brought to me. I savored an afternoon of coffee with my neighbor.  I savored an evening spent with my youngest grandson and a morning spent with my daughter Liz and her husband Thad.  I savored a glass of delicious red wine my first evening home and cooking in my own kitchen.  I savored  quiet mornings of meditation in my favorite chair and evenings cuddled next to Jim on the sofa.  I savored unpacking my clothes and arranging them in my house, my space.  I savored a trip to my Starbucks for a favorite morning coffee and a shopping trip to Louisville for fun.    

Here I am a week later, feeling completely at home, but hoping to keep alive that wonderful feeling of at last being Home!

Life is Good At Home!

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